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Building Surveys London

We complete extremely detailed building surveys and elemental investigations. We typically support these with annotated photographs and recommendations. 

Following an inspection our surveyors will typically discuss their findings by telephone before e-mailing and posting copies of the report to you and your advisers. 

We partner with various independent associates, whose combined experience enables us to provide specialist support services and expertise. We typically offer a wide range of services including survey projects for large commercial, historic and listed buildings, but are equally at home with a modest apartment.

We also carry out repair specifications and valuations for traditionally built and prefabricated structures. 

Our team can also advise on comprehensive facilities and energy audits and  required legislative compliances and environmental services. We offer these services across central London, including Camden, Paddington, Islington , Chelsea and Westminster.

RICS Chartered Building Surveyors Westminster and London

Historic Building Surveys

If you own a listed building or are planning to purchase one, we can offer specialist professional advice on how to manage it. We can advise on the essentials that you require before you buy the building so that you make the best possible decision. We also perform comprehensive surveys before and after you purchase historic buildings.

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If you are unsure about any work required for a historic building, that is where we come in. We offer solid, pragmatic professional guidance on how to take care of your building and n how to handle  necessary repairs. We can also provide you with building conservation information to ensure that you do the right thing by the building. If there are any previous  alterations that you are concerned with, we will advise accordingly. 

Our team is committed to giving you the best advice, ensuring that you make the right choices. We visit, survey and report on historic or listed buildings across central London including Bloomsbury, Camden, Westminster and Chelsea as well as throughout greater London and the Home Counties.

Homebuyer Surveys

If you are planning on buying a new home, we can offer you as an an alternative a professional homebuyer surveys as well as specific defect investigations and property valuations. You don't have to know exactly which services you need, simply get in touch and speak with one of our experienced surveyors.

The Home Buyer Survey & Valuation report was replaced as the recommended homebuyer survey by the RICS homebuyer Report in March of 2010.  It is unfortunately often overlooked as it's not compulsory to the process of purchasing a house. However, it provides a reasonably in-depth insight to the condition of the property and identifying any defects and remedies, saving on repair costs in the future.

Homebuyer Surveys

Do I need to get a survey?

While surveys are not mandatory, they can provide you with peace of mind when assessing your property. Surveying a property can help you avoid any surprising and costly issues, such as faulty electrics or plumbing, and reassure you that any aesthetic damage is not structural. 

While a new property can set you back hundreds of thousands of pounds, spending a few hundred on an independent property survey by an RICS chartered surveyor is well worth the money. The information a chartered surveyor can provide for you may help you in deciding whether to purchase the property or not. 

Should there be significant damages to the property, based on the assessments made by a qualified surveyor, you may be able to knock the price it takes to fix these damages from the property's initial price. Suppose the property you are looking to purchase is ancient, is a listed building, has a thatched roof or timber framing, or you are just unsure about what condition the building is in; you should think about having a survey conducted. 

Does a building surveyor have to be RICS?

RICS is a professional organisation that provides qualifications and regulation for chartered surveyors, including chartered building surveyors. While you do not need any professional qualifications to call yourself a 'surveyor', being registered with RICS allows you to access the highly regarded training and professional progression offered. These services will enable you to stay up to date with the latest legislation and standards pertinent to surveying. 

What is the difference between a surveyor and a chartered surveyor?

The main difference between a simple surveyor and a chartered surveyor is that someone does not need any official professional qualifications to call themselves a surveyor. 

On the other hand, chartered surveyors have received the training necessary to carry out RICS accredited property assessments. Given this expertise, a chartered surveyor may specialise in certain areas, such as advising on construction or providing residential surveys or commercial property surveys. 

Regarding the latter, only an RICS chartered surveyor can provide you with an RICS homebuyers report or an RICS building survey. These are vital assessments that are fully accredited and invaluable when considering purchasing a house or property. Conversely, for smaller modern properties, a basic condition report will suffice.

What is the difference between a surveyor and a chartered surveyor

What does a Chartered Surveyor Look for?

There are numerous things a chartered surveyor will look for when assessing a property. The extent of the assessment will depend upon what the customer has requested. There are also numerous types of survey that a chartered surveyor may carry out. Some of these surveys will require a more in-depth inspection of properties than others. 

Typical assessments will include evaluating any evidence of damp within the property and discerning if there is asbestos in the building. Other standard evaluations will consider the roofing condition, the party wall and any damage made by plants or insects such as woodworm. 

In this way, an accredited assessment provided by a chartered surveyor can help you avoid unexpected and costly surprises and help you save money. 

What are the Benefits of a Survey?

As previously mentioned, one of the most significant benefits of having a survey conducted on your property by a chartered surveyor is the money it will save you on unexpected issues. 

A thorough survey of a property can warn you before purchasing about any costly renovations or repairs you may have to make. This information can then help you decide whether to buy the property or not. If you decide to purchase the property after an inspection by a chartered surveyor, you may use the information provided to negotiate the price. 

Should there be considerable damage to the property, you may be able to reduce the cost. Likewise, you may request that the property owner fix any damages discovered during the survey before you go through with the purchase. 

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Here at TJF Chartered Surveyors, we offer premium building surveys and homebuyers reports in Kensington, Chelsea, Knightsbridge and the surrounding areas. If you would like to find out more information on an area near you, select a location you require from the list below.

Please Note: If you location isn't specified here, please feel free to get in contact with us as we maybe able to cover your local area.

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