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What Is Checked In A Listed Building Survey

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  • 26-06-2023
What Is Checked In A Listed Building Survey

This article looks at what is checked in a listed building survey? TJF Chartered Surveyors offer listed building surveys throughout Westminster and London. Find out types of listed buildings and what survey is needed for a listed building.

Who Needs A Listed Building Survey?

Plenty of vital aspects of a building are checked during a listed building survey. Those that own historic, architecturally or nationally significant properties will need to engage with specialists to perform these kinds of assessments. 

Heritage surveyors can be contacted where necessary. This ensures that during the purchasing, selling, or altering of such buildings, you aren't neglecting or going against any regulations.

During a complete structural survey, you will be given information based on the techniques used across the building and the materials used to create them. It will present you with a much clearer idea of how it should be maintained and the overall condition of the property. 

Those about to purchase or sell their home or building will need to know whether or not the space is safe and functional to live in. If there are evident causes for concern they need to be addressed. As a potential buyer, it's paramount to get this survey, so that you can calculate the cost of the repairs.

What Survey Do I Need For A Listed Building?

The full survey, or RICS Level 3 Building Survey, is one of the most complete versions of the standard household survey that you can invest in. Those purchasing older, significantly modified, or unusual properties, should hire a surveyor to complete a listed building survey. Doing so would be most valuable to this group of people.

Building surveys are much less standardised, and many surveyors tailor these inspections and reports to suit the specifications of the property at hand. They cater to the location, materials used, and all building conditions or regulations. 

All surveys performed are obliged to meet the standards of a minimum Level 3 RICS. However, the content, scope, and format can vary from professional to professional. Ensure the surveyor you select has covered all aspects you may have concerns about and that the inspection meets your requirements.

 Many surveyors throughout the UK will be able to provide you with a sample report that you can view, to check whether or not their reports suit your needs.

What Is Checked In A Listed Building Survey? Listed Building Surveys Westminster and London

What Is Checked During A Listed Survey?

During any listed building survey, a professional surveyor will undertake a series of studies and in-depth inspections regarding all elements of the building you wish to purchase, sell, or alter.

These inspections include the following:

  • A close look at the structure as a whole
  • An inspection of the materials involved
  • The developmental history of the building and surrounding site
  • Roofing and foundational assessments
  • They make comments on any alterations made in the past
  • Highlight all significant issues and faults
  • The potential cost of repairs is then discussed and estimated.

What Does the Report Look Like?

The report received at the end of a listed building survey is similar to those at the end of a Level 3 Building Survey, which often incorporates a traffic light system. 

All faults found within the building during the assessment are categorised according to their severity. Green is the least severe, amber is a cause for concern, and red is an issue that needs to be immediately addressed.

Inside this report, displays a clear run-down of each area across your building that has been inspected. Your surveyors can leave comments on these elements and their conditions. The experts and their reports can offer plenty of advice on how you can go about repairing them in a way that suits your budget. 

With this in mind, the building surveyors can provide potential buyers with a general idea of repair costs. It can be challenging to assess the immediate costs, and they may need closer investigation. Your building report can demonstrate whether or not your building needs additional investigations before you purchase or sell.

What Is Checked During A Listed Survey?

Types Of Listed Building

The many types of listed buildings are split into specific grades, and these grades help professionals determine how best they should be repaired and maintained. It can also be used to define their significance in a specific location.

These grades are as follows:

Grade I:-This is where the site or building in question is of incredible historical, national, or architectural importance. Buildings listed as Grade I may be more challenging to obtain or to alter. 

Grade II*:-These are buildings with numerous special interests. Less than approximately 6% of listed buildings can be found under the Grade II* category.

Grade II:-These are buildings of general special interest. Approximately 92% of every listed building in the UK can be found within this category.

Why Do I Need A Specialist Listed Building Survey?

It's vital to hire an expert that can help perform your specialist building survey to ensure you are well aware of the condition of your building. Doing so enables you to curate solid plans for maintenance and repairs. These will need to be addressed before selling or purchasing a listed building. You can make a clear estimation of the prices it would cost to perform all the repairs, and this will certify whether or not the investment is worthwhile.

A historic building survey is most valuable for those looking to learn the requirements that you must know once you have become the legal owner of a listed property. Some of the most significant benefits of this include the following:

Expert Opinion:

The chosen surveyor will typically provide you with expert advice and opinions regarding the home or building you wish to buy. As they are well-versed in the location and all its historical whereabouts. They'll have plenty of experience and in-depth knowledge to offer. Through this information, you can discover whether or not the property at hand is a worthy investment for you.

Specialist Knowledge:

Specialist surveyors can then answer any queries you may have throughout the process regarding your chosen building. Your expert will investigate the property. They will search for any proof of previous unauthorised alterations. Suppose the previous owners didn't receive permission to make alterations to the building. In that case, your specialist can find evidence that will be useful for the future. If you make a case and use the evidence found, you can avoid a costly fine or penalty.

Receive Advice:

Concerning any future changes you wish to make to the property, your chosen building surveyor will be able to provide sound advice on how to go about the process. Some alterations are more likely to be accepted by planning councils than others. So, it's best to be aware of how receptive they will be to your ideas, and how to go about them to achieve the necessary permission needed.

Repair Work:

Included in the listed building survey is a report that accurately outlines the repair work needed and an estimate of the costs. Surveyors are incredibly thorough in their work. So, when it comes to inspecting homes and properties they will cover a vast amount of elements. These include the walls, windows, roofing, timber framing, brickwork, etc. They'll look for cracks, decay, electrical faults, and any other significant concerns. The kind of concerns that would need addressing should you decide to buy the property.

Listed Building Consent:

When applying for Listed Building Consent, your professional surveyor will be able to advise you throughout the entire process. They will help you develop and prepare a Heritage Statement that will couple with your consent application. Doing so is regarded as a separate service from the listed building survey. Ensure you enquire about this if you wish to purchase the property or make changes.

Are you looking for listed building surveys in Westminster and London? Discuss your requirements with our surveyors.